milk_shake Insta Light Retail Intro

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With a combination of powerful active ingredients, insta.light not only creates intense shine, but it also delivers an extra dose of hydration, while making hair appear fullerPerfect as either a stand-alone or add-on service, your clients’ hair won’t just look great after an insta.light treatment, it will feel softer and healthier too!
  • Step 1: wash with insta.light shampoo
  • Step 2: condition with insta.lotion liquid hair mask
  • Step 3: seal with insta.potion leave-in treatment

Intro includes:

  • 6 insta light shampoo 300mL
  • 6 insta lotion 250mL
  • 1 insta lotion 500mL FREE
  • 1 insta light shampoo litre FREE