Rusk id Luminating Lightener 57g

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This is fast-acting, dust-free lightener allows you to control the speed, power and gentleness of lift. Mixes into a smooth, creamy consistency that allows for easy application. It does not puff or swell during processing and provides excellent dry and wet comb-ability.

The formula does not creep or bleed and does not cake up or dry out during application. It leaves your clients' hair in superior condition, looking and feeling healthy with unsurpassed shine. Gentle enough to be used for on-scalp applications. Flexible enough to achieve any level of lift without unnecessary damage to the hair. Lifts evenly and thoroughly up to seven levels within a single application.

Total lift control is achieved through the use of Deepshine Shine Enhancing Cream Developers (10, 20, 30 or 40 volume).