milk_shake The Gloss Colour - Ash

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Acidic pH demi colouring treatment for hair.

The acidicic pH of the milk_shake® the gloss colour formula colours, tones and corrects hair colour whilst maintaining the hair's structure. Its action has a conditioning effect on the hair, leaving it extremely shiny. It blends greys maximum 50%.


  • examine the condition of the hair, its porosity and its colour (whether natural, colour-treated or mixed)
  • decide the target colour with the client
  • consider the percentage of greys.

MIXING RATIO: 1+1 (e.g. 40 g milk_shake® the gloss colour + 40 g milk_shake® the gloss colour acidic colour activator). MIXING: prepare the colour formula immediately before application. Pour the desired quantity of colour into a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle and add milk_shake® the gloss colour acidic colour activator 6 vol (1.8%) following the mixing ratio of 1+1.

APPLICATION: cleanse the hair using milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo and pre-dry the hair (at least 50%). Apply the blend to roots, lengths and ends and leave to process for 20 minutes.

RINSE: once the processing time has been completed, emulsify the colour with water to remove colour residue from the hair, then rinse well. Apply milk_shake® colour specifics acid colour sealer, distribute through the hair and leave to process for 3 minutes. Without pre-rinsing, cleanse with milk_shake® colour sealing shampoo, then condition using milk_shake® colour sealing conditioner.