milk_shake Color Specifics Color Split

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milk_shake color specifics color split, the new colouring additive with a barrier-effect that allows for the overlapping of different shades at the same time without needing foils and without smearing or staining. It contains aloe vera extract, an emollient, restorative and protective ingredient that has a unique, natural regenerating effect. milk_shake color split unleashes the need for creativity and allows for multicolour techniques without using foils or strips.


- Can be applied to one strand by applying one shade to the roots and another to the lengths, without needing to disconnect the two

- Alternatively, it can be applied to different sections that are next to each other without having to separate them to avoid colour overlapping

- Color split makes the colouring formula more compact, making application easier

- Ideal and recommended for shade combinations of up to 3 levels difference. It is best to avoid contrasting tones (e.g. intense reds on blonds).

- Does not interfere with lightening, highlights/lowlights, or grey coverage.

Use: for each shade, first mix the colour and the developer, then add 3 g of color split for every 30 g of colour, and mix well. Shake well before use.