milk_shake Creative Colour - HighLifter

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Permanent colour with natural honey and milk proteins

milk_shake creative permanent colour has a conditioning and protective cosmetic base to maintain hair integrity and condition the hair shaft while protecting scalp and hair during the hair colour process. milk_shake creative permanent colour has a high percentage of concentrated, pure, stable high-quality pigments to guarantee long-lasting perfect grey coverage, brilliant intense tones, specific shade control and vibrant shiny colour.

The rich results of milk_shake creative permanent colour come from its ingredients:

  • milk protein with a conditioning action
  • amino acid complex, containing vegetal keratin-based on 18 wheat and soybean amino acids and an antioxidant, that reinforces and protects hair while improving its appearance and structure
  • natural honey with soothing and protective properties on the scalp and a conditioning effect on the hair stem
  • conditioning and hydrating agents for soft, easy to comb hair
  • sunflower oil with emollient action for easy handling

The milk_shake colour palette is subdivided into 15 tonal series, a series of ultra-blond (high lift) and 1 neutral (clear). All the nuances that compose the 15 tonal series can be mixed together, allowing the creation of infinite tones. All in an easy to use, international numbering system.