Silkline Eyelash Application Tweezers (Straight)

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  • Perfect for separating the client's natural lashes in order to isolate an individual lash.
  • Very effective for selecting and picking up lashes.
  • Made of sterilizable stainless steel.
  • Designed for precise and efficient handling, isolation, and application of individual lashes and lash extensions.
  • Extremely pointed tips that close tightly to handle individual lashes with precision, without damaging or bending the lash.
  • Smooth opening and closing action offer the perfect tension for working with lashes.
  • Lightweight, well-balanced design.
  • Can also be used for other techniques requiring precision handling (ex. selecting nail art stones).

Professional implement :
  • All cutting edges and points are polished and extremely sharp
  • Smooth action at all joints and springs
  • Well balanced with easy-grip handles